Our Programs

CAP Signature Programs

Developed by professional college counselors and educators, our programs work to bolster students’ confidence while building their knowledge. We offer online and in-person formats for a variety of topics, from college applications to academic enrichment.

College List Creation Session

During this private, virtual session, students will meet with experienced college counselors to receive guidance in the area of college list creation and development.

College Application Workshops and Bootcamps

College counselors will guide students through various components of the college application process. Students may choose the workshop that is most applicable to where they are in the process.

Vermont College Application Retreat

Students spend a weekend working alongside our counselors in idyllic Plymouth, Vermont. In supervised college counseling workshops, each student builds their profiles and best showcase their strengths.

Hybrid College Admissions Program

Based on our original vision, this comprehensive program offers students support from junior into senior year, guiding college-bound students through the full college process in a small-group format.

Full Application Review Session

During this private, virtual session, students will meet with experienced college counselors to review each component of their application profile. Counselors will offer advice and feedback as they read over each part of the student’s application (form filling sections, the resume, personal statement and supplemental essays). This session is designed for students who have completed final drafts of their resume, personal statement, supplemental essays and filled out all application questions. It is meant for those students who are seeking a set of experienced eyes to review their work prior to final review and submission.

In-A-Box Programs

Our online courses give students the opportunity to work at their own pace, from completing applications to strengthening their grammar and math skills. As students work through each lesson, they receive feedback and support to guide their process.

College Counseling Initiative

Our co-founder has developed a step-by-step virtual course that guides students through each component of the college application process. Students will have access to video tutorials, follow up assignments and a toolkit of resources to support them through the college search and application process.

Grammar Programs

Students build their grammar skills in four areas: parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure, and vocabulary and word usage. Each lesson is paired with guided and timed practice, helping students become savvy test takers who are able to put their learning into practice.

Math Programs

Our Math Programs are designed to supplement and strengthen students’ foundational Geometry and Algebra II skills, essential to later classes. Each lesson features a video explanation, checkpoints, example questions, and additional resources to facilitate students’ learning processes and address any gaps.

College Axis Project's Partnership With Franklin Yard

Franklin Yard was founded on the idea that test prep should be genuine, empowering education. We pride ourselves on creating pathways to success for each of our students, combining a deep knowledge of the testing process with an unwavering focus on the individual.

Our Approach:

Master Educators

Our **expert instructors create an engaging and interactive learning environment where students have the freedom to be themselves, make mistakes, and grow.

Powerful Strategies

We’ve deconstructed every SAT and ACT to distill the most effective ways to tackle the tests with minimum stress and maximum results.

“Whole Child” Emphasis

Addressing anxiety and self-doubt is just as important as teaching content. Our care for our students goes well beyond the test scores.


All of this equips our students with the resources, mindset and insight needed to reach their goals.

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College Profile Review

Students meet with a professional college counselor to review their academic profile, discuss admissions timelines, and develop a plan of action for the application process. These sessions are great for answering questions and getting a birds-eye view of college admissions.

Resource Library

Our extensive resource library includes information and templates to help guide students through the application, financial aid, and standardized testing processes.