Welcome to the College Axis Project

Bridging the gap in college admissions

Bringing college coaching and instructional support services to all students

because access to college admissions opportunities should be universal.

Profile Review

Students meet with a member of our college counseling team to review their academic profile, discuss admissions timelines, answer questions, and develop a plan of action for the application process.

In-A-Box Programs

Our online courses give students the opportunity to work at their own pace. Students may choose virtual courses that focus on the college application process or academic enrichment programs that focus on grammar and math skills.​

Baseline Testing

We guide students through their first standardized test. Students receive a comprehensive report highlighting areas of opportunity, learning gaps, and recommendations.

College Application Workshops & Bootcamps

College counselors will guide students through various components of the college application (application form completion, resume development & essay writing).

Hybrid Workshops

Our college coaches host immersive counseling weekends with webinars and small-group sessions in between, guiding students as they move through their junior and senior years.

Vermont College Application Retreat

Students spend a weekend working alongside our counselors in idyllic Plymouth, Vermont. In supervised college counseling workshops, each student builds their profiles and best showcase their strengths.

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