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Bringing college coaching and instructional support services to all students because access to college admissions opportunities should be universal.

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College Axis Project (CAP) is committed to providing all students with access to resources that prepare them to successfully navigate the complicated college admissions process. CAP delivers college counseling and academic enrichment services, through a blended, pay-for-service, small-group model that serves students of all socio-economic backgrounds.

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Need-based scholarships are available for virtual and in-person college process workshops and bootcamps. Assistance is based on demonstrated need, potential benefit to the student and the student’s motivation. 

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What is the College Axis Project?

To learn more, listen to our founder, Christine Chapman, share the story behind the College Axis Project vision.

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The College Axis Project’s Response to the Recent Supreme Court Ruling:

Affirmative action was implemented with the intention of rectifying historical injustices and promoting equal opportunities for marginalized groups of students. It sought to level the playing field and ensure that everyone, regardless of their racial background, could compete fairly when it came to college admissions. 

The College Axis Project believes in the importance of a diverse range of lived experiences; in order for college students to become well-educated global citizens, they must have exposure to different cultures, socioeconomic statuses, levels of opportunity, etc. It is imperative that we facilitate difficult discussions regarding race. We believe that the recent decision weakens these objectives and threatens to exacerbate societal divisions rather than address them in a meaningful way.

However, this Supreme Court ruling raises important questions regarding college admissions and creating diverse student bodies in colleges across the nation. Maybe this presents colleges and universities with an opportunity to establish a truly holistic approach to college admissions that includes many kinds of diversity: race, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, etc. 

The College Axis Project remains committed to promoting equity within the college admissions process and education in general. We believe in the importance and educational value of diversity and a wide range of lived experiences.


Celia Chapman
Student Advisory Board Coordinator and Student Intern
The College Axis Project

The College Axis Project on the Zero Hour Podcast
Hosted by Christine Chapman and Mark Fierz