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SAT & ACT Baseline Testing

Students will receive a baseline exam, self-administration instructions and sit for an exam at home. Students will submit their answer sheets for our tutoring team to review and offer a recommendation to help students decide between the SAT and ACT exam. Students will receive a score report and an analysis of their results which highlights areas of opportunity and identifies learning gaps.

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College Profile Review Session

Students will meet with a member of our college counseling team to review their academic profile, discuss admissions timelines, answer student-specific questions and help them develop an initial plan of action for testing and approaching the application process.

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Our resource library has information and templates to guide students and their families in navigating college admissions, financial aid, standardized testing, and more.


“So incredible...was just texting my friends to tell them this is a must do! Feel so good about the application process now and like we have a plan. Christine was so knowledgable and started us down a good path!”
Parent of 12th Grade Student
College Profile Review
“Christine and Team, Thank you for initial consult meeting! It was really helpful to hear what we need to do in the coming year. Look forward to hearing next steps after baseline testing. Thank you, again!”
Parent of 11th Grade Student
College Profile Review