In-A- Box Programs

Stay tuned! Our pre-recorded progress will be available soon.

Our “In-A Box” programs include instructional academic enrichment videos (for math and grammar) and guided tutorials that support students throughout the college application process.

College Counseling Initiative (CCI)

$ 750
Complete College Guide Course
  • Online program developed by professional college counselors to guide students step-by-step through each component of the college application process
  • Students will access video tutorials and resources through The Thinkific platform and work their way through five modules
  • Students will be provided corresponding assignments and tasks, a collection of worksheets, surveys and other resources that provide instructions and guidance through module assignments
  • Students will have access to toolkit resources that provide general information about the college landscape
College guide

Academic Enrichment Programs

Math Program

$ 750 for the entire course
  • The aim of the CAP Math curriculum is to supplement and strengthen students’ foundation in Geometry and Algebra II. Each lesson features a video explanation, instructional guidance, checkpoints, example questions and additional resources to facilitate students’ learning process. Lessons will also feature calculator tips and tricks, which will help students familiarize themselves with their calculators

Grammar Program

$ 500 for the entire course
  • Over the course of 6 hours, students will review four topics: parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure, & vocabulary and word usage. Each lesson dedicated to English grammar is paired with guided & timed practice to help students familiarize themselves with the ways in which various grammar questions appear in the test & how to choose the best answer. Through full-passage review and use of past tests, students become both savvy & knowledgeable test takers; who are able to put their learning into practice, as they become logical & coherent writers.