Jordan Rochelson

Board Member

Jordan has had an adventurous, winding, and fulfilling road in education thus far. As a teacher for almost a decade, he has had the good fortune to teach students of all ages from all over the world. His first job was as a gymnastics teacher for infants and toddlers. Since then, he has taught high schoolers at an all-boys boarding school in Connecticut. Additionally, creative writing in Morocco, London, and the South of France, and he has run homeschool programs for families in Qatar and Costa Rica. Along the way, regardless of the setting, Jordan has always followed the philosophy that all good teaching starts with building healthy relationships with students. All of his students have always known that he cares about them beyond what numbers show up on a report card. He cares about who they are as individuals. 

He has seen first hand the potential that all individuals can reach when provided with the resources, care, and dedication that they need. That is why he is thrilled to be supporting the mission of The College Axis Project. Jordan wants to make sure that everyone gets the resources they need to reach their greatest potential. Once we come closer to narrowing that accessibility gap, we make for a much more equitable society.

Originally from Long Island, Jordan now lives in Harlem, New York with his wife, Julianne, and his English Cocker Spaniel, Wally