Hybrid College Admissions Program

College Axis Project Comprehensive Hybrid Admissions Program (CAP - CHAP)

Based on our original vision, this comprehensive signature program offers students support from junior year into senior year guiding the college-bound student through the full college process in small group format. Our college coaches and teachers will travel to five states (New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas and California) twice per admissions cycle to host one immersive weekend at the beginning of the application process, (January– February of junior year) and one at the end of the application cycle, (August and September of senior year). In the in-between months of February through August, students will participate in one webinar and two small-group virtual meetings monthly. Post submission, students will participate in one small-group virtual meeting per month until they have made their enrollment decisions. Online instructional grammar and math programs (In-A-Box programs) are included.

Class size: Max of 30 students per city